What people are saying about Not Dead Yet so plan your estate (NDY):

 Natalie Choate, Attorney and author of Life & Death Planning for Retirement Benefits (Ataxplan Publications, 2011): 

  • “This engaging book should help lots of people get up to speed fast on the importance and nuts and bolts of estate planning. Lots of useful info, but the cartoons are the best part---funny, scary, and (sadly) all too realistic.”​

Tim Kazurinsky, Screenwriter/Actor/Saturday Night Live alum:

  • “The Problem: How to make a complicated subject easier to understand.
  • The Solution: (NDY) includes a graphic novel book-within-a-book that convincingly illustrates why estate planning matters to everyone. Brilliant!”

Jane Bryant Quinn, personal finance columnist and author of How to Make Your Money Last: The Indispensable Retirement Guide:

  •  “I love this book. The cartoon stories bring home the critical importance of estate planning, in ways that will reach both the old and the young with assets to leave.”

 Michael Rabiger, Author and Documentary Filmmaker:

  •  “(NDY) is absolutely excellent, both as reference guide and as a narrative (en)lightening a task most people find grim.”

Larry Kopald, Kopald/Stranger, Los Angeles, CA:

  •  “(NDY) is a tour de force of insight, encouragement, and entertainment all rolled together into a very approachable and immensely helpful book.”

 Stuart C. Bear, Attorney, Chestnut Cambrone, Minneapolis, MN:

  • “(NDY) is absolutely excellent! It addresses very in-depth, substantive matters in a straightforward but whimsical way, if death and taxes can ever be whimsical or light-hearted! In all, it captures, I believe, the best qualities brought to an estate planning matter by an estate planning lawyer, the qualities of intellect, humor and emotional intelligence.”