​​​​NOT DEAD YET, so plan your estate ("NDY") is an estate planning handbook and graphic novel that aims at readers who would never consider reading a book on the subject. Its 304 pages include 110 pages of a beautifully hand-drawn full-color story, cut into 24 chapters that precede (and often relate to) 24 pithy text chapters. The graphic novel story starts with an unintended broken promise made to the hero, explores various estate planning nightmares, leads to a rip in the dimensional fabric, zombies, a vampire and a post-apocalyptic glimpse. Finally, the story ends up with our hero's epiphany regarding the importance of estate planning and a happily-ever-after ending. The design of NDY makes it easy to read the graphic novel straight through or go back and forth from comic to text. Once drawn in to the need for estate planning, NDY convincingly demonstrates a continuum of need: from the college student whose power of attorney for health and HIPAA authorization may help ameliorate a catastrophic situation for parents; to new parents needing a will to name a guardian who determines their child's living arrangements; to the blended family needing a trust to avoid one side of the family being left out; to the typical needs of the affluent, elderly, ill and those with special needs, you will see yourself somewhere on the pages of NDY.

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